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The Lemon Grove Kennels Legacy

     We have a very talented and experienced team.  Michael Dougherty, owner, has achieved “celebrity” status in the world of dogs and has maintained an AKC affiliation for over 40 years. Mike’s involvement in all aspects of his family’s own Lemon Grove Kennels (one of the three largest in San Diego during the ‘70s) and management skills developed as a key executive at two major corporations have prepared him for the challenges of operating San Diego’s finest boutique Pet Resort. His wife, Michelle, has an overwhelming affection for animals of all kinds (except snakes) and has a background in art and design, gardening, and now, apparently, web sites, as this site's web author.

More About Michael Dougherty

     Easy access - located just off the I-15 Freeway and Deer Springs Road we offer a town and country feel while being conveniently located near many veterinarians.

   Our philosophy at the Windsong Resort for Pets is to provide a safe and restful sanctuary for your pet(s) while in our care. The buildings were designed with ultimate  comfort  in mind and  resemble a luxury boutique hotel. Our spacious “suites,” “condos,” and “rooms,” have all of the comforts of home.  Attention to natural light, fresh air, and a calm atmosphere are essential to maintaining a healthy daily rhythm.

     Dog suites are comprised of individual rooms with walls that have been thoroughly reinforced with top-of-the line internal noise buffering panels. Each interior wall is fully tiled to three feet on the walls to meet our sanitation and cleanliness standards. Environmentally responsible, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products are used throughout the facility. The ‘Pup Pool’, which is open during the warmer months, features a  waterfall and fun water spouts for pool parties. A large patio with faux grass provides an ample area for dogs to dry in the sunshine.

     Our spacious cat condos allow our feline guests to explore and relax, creating their own delightful adventure. 

     We are in a beautiful, country setting with a full acre of grassy lawn, old oak trees, and thousands of flowers. Large play areas are inside the buildings for those rare rainy days. The lobby is welcoming and comfortable. Our grooming salon and spa are state-of-the-art and offer many services for our guests. We live on the premises should any need arise requiring immediate attention during the night. We are happy to talk with fellow animal lovers anytime during business hours and welcome your questions.  Please come and experience this very special place with your very special pet(s). Call for an appointment today:  

760-233-5060 or email pets@cox.net.



The Lemon Grove Kennels Legacy

    Forty years ago Jack and Marion Dougherty built and opened Lemon Grove Kennels, which became one of the three largest in San Diego, along with Mission Valley Kennels and Fon Jon Kennels. Mike and his brother Steve worked alongside their parents for ten years at the kennel while still over achieving in school. Besides active involvement in school sports, they also became involved in the professional world of purebred dogs.

    After receiving degrees from Stanford and USIU respectively, Steve and Mike left San Diego to pursue their careers in Los Angeles. Jack and Marion continued to run a successful and profitable kennel until twenty-five years ago when the 125 Freeway was built over the site of the Lemon Grove Kennels. Jack and Marion retired and moved to a condo in La Mesa. Mike continued to be very involved in dogs and started judging at AKC events in 1987. In 2001 he met the love of his life, Michelle.

    In 2004 Mike and Michelle left Los Angeles and also moved to La Mesa. After carefully considering all the cities in San Diego they decided Escondido had the right feel for a new pet care business. Instead of building in the old kennel style, the new business would be a resort, but have the same welcoming and caring atmosphere of the original Lemon Grove Kennel. The Windsong Resort for Pets provides much more luxurious accommodations.  The concrete runs are now travertine tiled  “suites” and the exterior is now a lush and green park-like setting. In the Spring of 2008, Mike and Michelle opened the Windsong Resort for Pets and carry on the tradition of fine animal care and service established by Jack and Marion at their Lemon Grove Kennel in 1965.

Call today to set up an appointment and discover Windsong Resort with your pet: 760-233-5060


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